Exit Survey
‘Compromise is expensive. It can include financial losses, damage to reputation, loss of intellectual property and disruption to business.’ 

Australian Cyber Security Centre

Increasingly, even successful organisations are seeking ways to respond to negative behaviours of insiders. Whilst it may be obvious that organisations need ways to address insider threats, it is difficult to achieve. This study seeks to develop a framework and measurement of organisational vulnerabilities to insider threat, allowing organisations to respond more effectively to areas within their control.

The current project is being conducted to understand how, and to what extent, organisational vulnerabilities to intentional insider threat can be measured by using survey method. It is an extension of recent Delphi research which found insider threat to be a multidisciplinary concern and that a focus on organisational vulnerabilities, along with individual and technical limitations, is important. The purpose of the survey is to give organisations a greater understanding of their vulnerability to insider threat behaviour. This information can then be used to develop or implement relevant countermeasures to help reduce vulnerability to insider threat. 

We would like to invite you to participate in completing this survey and contribute to the growing research on insider threat. Your input is critical to developing a valid and reliable assessment of organisational vulnerabilities to insider threat. Participation in this survey is anonymous and any information gained during the study will be published without identification of any participants. It is expected the survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete (due to the survey design, the survey should be completed in one sitting). By agreeing to complete this survey you accept that you do so voluntarily and that your anonymous responses will be used in the research related to this study.

Thank you for your interest and participation. Your thoughtful responses are highly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Justine Bedford 

Please contact Justine Bedford if you have any questions regarding this survey.
You can also contact the University of Southern Queensland Ethics Coordinator on (07) 4631 2690 or email ethics@usq.edu.au if you have any concern or complaint about the ethical conduct of this project.